Jyssa Licot

Thank you Iris for helping me reach my desired score band. It was beyond what I expected. I highly commend Ms. Jona and Ms. Tessa for their effort in coaching me in the speaking part which is what I’m really anxious about. They will give you a lot of helpful tips.

Iris could improve on their learning resources. It would be better if they will be the one to initiate in giving learning materials right after classes. Also on scheduling their classes, and coaching.

I advise people who will enroll here to be proactive especially in scheduling your speaking coaching so that they could really help you out.

But overall, everything’s worth it!
Thank you again, Iris.

Ben Geconcillo

Being a full-time employee in a city that doesn’t have a local TOEFL review center, it was hard for me to concentrate on studying for the TOEFL exam in less than 2 months. With IRIS Review center’s online one-on-one tutorials, I was able to work AND learn without the hassle of traveling elsewhere. They also have kind and approachable staff that cater to your queries very quickly.

Thanks to them, I was able to pass the exam in one take with flying colors! Kudos to this company!

Mike Quisano

Took up my TOEFL last May, and true enough, I passed it and even had an excellent grade in speaking. I couldn’t have done it without the guidance and helpful tips that IRIS Review Center gave during my review with them. They have excellent instructors and most of all, they let you experience the exam itself with their laboratory simulations so you wouldn’t have to worry about test anxiousness. Thank you very much for everything and continue teaching the secrets towards getting that perfect TOEFL 120.

Tyrone Garcia

I just got my Academic IELTS score today and here it is Guys and Gals:
Listening (8.0) Reading (8.5) Speaking (7.5) Writing (7.0)

First of all, I would like to express my extreme gratitude to IRIS review center team for their patience and the freaking amazing curriculum they have. Compared to other IELTS review center out there they have a flexible one on one coaching session with writing and speaking which I think is AWESOME, because some do not have enough time to accommoda…te a large volume of students (First come first serve basis policy 🙁 You know this if you have been on one of those centers haha )

Do not hesitate to try this out and indeed you will see the difference. There IELTS review rate is competitive which is quite affordable as I must say!! What are you waiting for, do not let the IELTS stop you from reaching your golden dreams wherever that destination you are eyeing for. “LET IRIS REVIEW CENTER BE PART OF YOUR SUCCESS!!” That about sums it up 🙂 God bless everyone

Pot Pecho

I highly recommend IRIS review center for those who need to take and pass the TOEFL exam. Excellent teaching staff who are not only dedicated to help us but also with superior teaching methods that will surely help test takers to pass the exam. They also provide a variety of practice materials that are needed to enhance the skills needed. Big thanks to iris team. 😀 I just received my score of 111.

Jun Pelen Potestad

Been a long while since my college days and had to pass IELTS as per new employers visa requirement.
Easily had browsed thru the net and inquiries follows.
Very much surprised with the full review price packages which were affordable indeed. Could be a scam??? As I thought…
But, upon phone inquiries and visiting one of your branch (Sta. Rosa which is close to my place) looks a legit establishment.
Upon enrollment, not only you can choose your schedule but doesn’t matter how …long you’ll take your enrolled package. The in-house class was great and very well planned (my appreciation to Ms. Mico) and really hard to pass the trial test.
After all the sweat had encountered during my review classes; got my real IELTS exam result more than my target passing marks in all the modules covered.
Very much commendable and great staff you have from the front office to online interactive classes especially your instructors in the classroom.
Good job and more power…

Jun P.
Melbourne, Australia

Carmela Del Espiritu Santo

IRIS Review Center has really helped me build my confidence in taking the TOEFL iBT. I had to complete my review by attending classes in both their Cubao and Laguna branches and the staff were really accommodating and were coordinating with each other regarding the sessions I have already taken. The evaluations before taking the exam made me feel more prepared as well. Thank you again, IRIS Review Center!

Jeanet Bagares

Thank you so much, my IRIS Review Center family. You helped me reach my goal of passing the required IELTS band score in my first attempt to take the test. Hats off for maintaining a professional working relationship with all your clients.

God bless all your efforts of providing a quality service that your clients rightfully deserve.

Rebecca Vardeleon

I highly recommend IRIS review center for those who want to take toefl exam. They have the best evaluator and this center is perfect for professionals who lack confidence and are too shy because of grammar errors. During feedback, the eval teacher will never criticize and lower your self-esteem, instead, she will correct you positively. Thanks to my eval teacher and front desk receptionist (miss ema) for being so patient and nice to all students! More power to IRIS review center!

Marleth Picones

Thank you IRIS review center! I got the band score I needed in just one take! I will surely recommend you to my friends. Keep up the good work!

Lizbeth del Castillo-Baun

Thank you so much for the big help! Especially to Ms. Weng and Ms. Em. 🙂 Thru you I was able to finally pass the toefl with even higher scores! Keep up the good work and keep helping people reach for their dreams. God speed.

Cherry Gonzales Imperial

Thank you very much to all the kind and efficient staff of Iris review center. I highly recommend this review center to all those who want to pass their toefl exams. Keep up the good work. GOD bless you all!!!

Eleonor Ablaza Cotaco

Like to extend my gratitude to IRIS Review Center, for the opportunity to experience their classes. And to Miss Weng, thank you for not giving up on me. I could not thank you enough for all those words of encouragement.

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