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Our ENGLISH PROFICIENCY COURSE is designed for both professionals and students who want to improve their English foundation. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing will be covered in this program and will focus on your weakest skill. This is one key factor that will support your learning for any English Test, Interview, and Everyday communication.

The Proficiency program is also designed for any learner who wants to prepare or improve his basic English skill. All areas are emphasized like reading comprehension, grammar correction, conversational aptitude, writing ability and others. The program is module-based study provided in a sufficient time frame.


Do you put in so much effort and long hours in work and still do not get promoted? Do you like to advance in your career?

Let’s face it. English is the primary medium of communication in the business world. You need this communication tool to express yourself. Correct English in Business letters will impress your boss and your clients. If you have the ability to Speak in English clearly and intelligibly, you will be able to communicate with confidence with anybody. This will surely help you advance in your career and will open opportunities around the world.


English is essential if you plan to study or work abroad. Most countries require an English Test to gain acceptance as a student whether applying for an Undergraduate, Masteral or Doctorate Program. Working opportunities as a Professional or Skilled Worker in majority of English Speaking countries (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Carribeans) now require fluency in English. If you want to improve your English to help you adapt to work or studies, you are in the right place.

IRIS Review Center Provides the Best English Mastery for Your Success.

We customize your program for you to suit your skill and your schedule.

ONSITE English Mastery. Enjoy studying with your mentor and peers in small group classes as you increase you Fluency in English.

ONLINE English Mastery. Study at the comfort of your own homes with Expert English Mentors. Classes are actual, real time and one-on-one. Instructors guide you and give automatic feedback. Your dedicated teacher helps in improving your Conversational English in the correct way(Pronunciation, Grammar, Intonation). No recorded classes. Rates are affordable.

This course is designed for all ENGLISH as a SECOND LANGUAGE LEARNERS (ESL) or Non-Native Learners of English everywhere.

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